who we are


Bright Microlaser, as a part of the Bright Solutions group, is focused on development and manufacturing of the most powerful DPSS Microchip Lasers available on the market.

The company can leverage on the thorough experience of Bright Solutions engineers and scientists on DPSS passively q-switched lasers and on the recently acquired technology and factory assets of Concepts Research Corporation (CRC), a leading US manufacturer of microchip lasers.

Our high energy monolithic microchip lasers find their ideal use in many industries for a variety of tasks including spectroscopy, MALDI, lidar, ranging, marking, small features micromachining, electronics manufacturing, and many specialty applications.

Bright Microlaser is continuously developing the microchip laser technology and products, introducing new packages, new driver functionalities, new wavelengths and other customer-requested enhancements.

the company


Bright Solutions Srl develops and manufactures state-of-the-art ns, sub-ns DPSS lasers and high brightness diode laser modules.

From the origin the Company’s activity is oriented towards the development of state-of-the-art diode-pumped solid-state laser systems aimed at superior efficiency, compactness and reliability, suitable for industrial, aerospace, medical, military and scientific application.

Bright Solutions has its main location in Pavia, Italy, where it employs approximately 50 employees.

Historically, Bright Solutions products have been air-cooled short nanosecond lasers and more recently picosecond lasers down to 100 ps.  Bright Solutions offers the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th harmonics of their lasers, as well as at times the 5th harmonic, and 1.5 um and 3.3 um versions of some of its lasers.  Bright Solutions has in excess of 4,000 lasers in use in the field.