State-of-the-art miniature UV laser and new smart laser driver

Nowadays many applications, such as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) LiDAR, biophotonics instruments, automotive and handheld LIBS demand high performance solutions with reduced size, weight and power consumption (SWaP). This is exactly what Bright Microlaser is pursuing while launching a new laser package for UV microchip lasers (P4 package) and the new smart laser driver which is more user friendly than previous versions, yet still compatible with older models.

A major optical re-design of the UV models led to the innovative P4 package, the smallest pulsed UV laser on the market, featuring 2kW peak-power in 1ns pulses at 236, 266 and 355 nm. Excellent beam quality, spectral properties and long-term stability have been tested and proven in all application environments, from research labs to industrial, automotive and airborne.

The new laser driver is meant for smarter laser operation, offering OEM integrators a higher degree of monitoring and control capabilities of key laser parameters, real time feedback with a remote-control connection and new and improved GUI software.

Bright Microlaser’s activity is focused on continuous development, pursuing higher reliability, simplified usability, maintenance and service for its devices. This opens up more and more opportunities in new markets and emerging applications, making Bright Microlaser a leading manufacturer of microchip lasers.